The welcome & the why & the what

Dear reader, let me first to be grateful, so thank you very much to have given a click on my blog and get in, where you are right now, guess that feeling some area of your mind really interested about that could learn today in relation with it and the sport. That you spend a little bit of your time on me is a honour likewise it is a great responsability which honestly I accept it with a great courage full of happiness, motivation, enthusiasm, illusion, respect and a lot of love to show out a great job.


Why the blog?

Becasue, when I was working at the Queen's Club during two years, exactly between November 2014 to January 2017, in that first year, I realised that I could help to the tennis world more than I had thought. Never Queen's was my first option just was looking for a tennis club to prove myself which level of human life I was, get out of shell's egg and then force my person to get new tools useful for the rest of my life, there is where I felt that there is something on me with a great value to share since a real and humble way through of a enormus sacriffice and effort that means the real life step by step.



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You ask, you respond; but only the hidden emotions are whom have the unique answer.